pride parade

My company is participating in this year’s pride parade on August 18th however I am not inclined to participate. I am not out to everyone my company and don’t plan to be and if I joined them without being myself, I would feel like I was copping out so in a sense it is being true to myself by not doing so. I have decided that to come out at this late stage of my career would create more complexity in my life than I am looking for. My aim is really to ease into part time work within the next 3 years.

A better option could be to attend at least part of the parade as Joanna and simply not join my group which is most likely what I will do.

It will be my first one.

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  1. The same for me in Toronto. My company does have a good history with LGBTQ rights, but I don't see myself really prepared to come out at work and, as a result, can't really participate. Maybe someday.


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