Rabia is a wonderful person and one of my biggest supporters. She suffers from depression and one day I shared my story with her as a way of illustrating that we all have important challenges in life. I have shown her pictures of myself as Joanna and she always says what a beautiful woman I make. I don’t let that go to my head.

It’s important to have people like her in your life; people who know the entire truth because they help you with your thought process. In sharing with them you discover little nuggets of insight that we can examine and reflect on. It is worth more than time sitting with a therapist who doesn’t really know you.

The people who only know Joanna may help to feed my confidence as a woman, but in not fully sharing of myself with them I am not able to reflect in the same way. Rabia has told me that she has felt privileged to be let into an area of my life which has been so deeply defining.

We have helped each other.


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