the postmodernist vacuum

In this era of postmodernism it is tempting to adopt the idea that everything is relative and has equal value. Even news has become fake or real depending on the spin you put on it which has driven traditional journalists insane.

In this vacuum of uncertainty have stepped in new conservatism heroes Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and, to a lesser extent, blockhead leader to deluded twentysomething males Steven Crowder. In other words, a new conservative class has emerged from the ashes of the burning down of traditional understanding of objective truth which no longer seems to exist for anyone.

Peterson does it through haughty meandering lectures on YouTube while Shapiro operates by speaking quickly in his annoying helium- doused style in hopes you don't catch his errors. Crowder more crudely uses elephant in a china shop mean spiritedness in the guise of talentless comic only young males might find amusing.

This age of incels and more independent women has even left traditional forms of coupling in jeopardy. Therefore nothing we used to hold dear is operating in a conventional form we used to take for granted. This makes for a more dangerous atmosphere because in absence of basic absolutes anyone can tear down anything and find willing disciples. One need only find an audience and echo chamber them to death until they listen to nothing else.

Indoctrination through mass hypnosis.


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