the power of melancholy

How do you react when the power of melancholy and sobriety come calling; when you reflect on your life and see it in its most brutal and realistic form?

Do you retreat into denial or stare at as it deserves to be?


  1. I take it on directly, with both eyes wide open.

    Unless it's unpleasant, in which case I take a nap.

    1. I was referring to another kind of sobriety 😉

  2. First, melancholy and sobriety do not necessarily go hand in hand. Secondly, seeing your life in the light most brutal is not necessarily the same thing as seeing it in the light most realistic. So, since you asked, recognize that this too shall pass, and whatever catharsis is troubling you is *not final*.

    As trans people, we've all (or most of us) have internalized society's understandings of us. The process of separating the internal from the internalized is fraught with many perils. Pathological ecstasy as well as pathological sadness. But eventually, like any other healthy-but-different people, we can find the balance, even if at times it's a tightrope walk, causing us to fall on one side or the other.

    I hope you're okay, Joanna! I know you will be!


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