therein lies the difference

Over the years, being in women's clothes in public went from petrifying to scary to slightly unnerving to entirely normal.

One day that stigma is finally removed making you wonder what the fuss was all about and you just blend in like everyone else; albeit in my case a little taller perhaps. Although 6'1" is hardly a giant by today's standards.

Experiencing the world as a woman is certainly different and completely fascinating and I wouldn't want to stop for anything. For it is far too intrinsically hard wired in me and has been from earliest memory.

The biggest hurdle is to conquer fear which is not to pretend you aren't scared because that doesn't work. Instead you must not be afraid at all which is a state of mind that, when achieved, will radiate out of every pore in your body.

In other words, it is not feigning you belong but understanding in your bones that you do and be comfortable going anywhere in confidence.

And therein lies the difference.


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