To be all of 24

Tani saw me and came to give me a hug.

"Hi Joanna how are you? I think I am going to get a job at the bank and get paid much more!"

She was so excited and is so diligent at her job at the Starbucks that I know she will do great no matter where she goes. She is also going back to school and wants to become a photographer.

"If I get the job I hope we can keep in touch" she tells me

"Of course we can. You have my number so text me anytime you want"

The next day I texted her to find out what happened and they loved her but they wanted her full time whereas she plans to go back to school. I advised her to go back to school and work somewhere else part time as she had already enrolled in the photography program.

"Follow your dreams because life is short Tani" I texted

"Thank you so much for your advice Joanna" she texted back.

But she didn't need me to tell her what she already knew she had to do.


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