Fixing stupid

Anti-intellectualism is rampant along with an increase of bravado among the uneducated. COVID cases, rapidly climbing in many American states, are overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated; to be precise 99.5%. Some, sitting in hospital beds gasping for air are finally asking for a much too late dose of vaccine that won't save them.

Today you don't need to be educated in a subject to weigh in on it. You simply need a chorus of like minded individuals agreeing with your ideas no matter how misguided. Social media provides such a hotbed for the kinds of geniuses who invent their own version of science which is its own kind of pandemic; one which spreads idiocy.

It's now virtually assured that the virus will continue to exist and possibly mutate further and those who hoped for a speedy return to their lives won't be able to attain it. As the cooler weather returns and people venture back indoors the number of cases will only rise again and, in an era where every opinion is valid as the next, we are guaranteeing our own misery because fixing stupid is just not that easy.


  1. The large numbers of those who refuse inoculation assure the further mutation of this virus. It is now with us as long as there is a community of humans large enough to pass it along. Given the lack of action on the climate crisis, that might not be more than a hundred years or so. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

    1. Sigh I wish you weren't correct my good friend


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