Louise is a diminutive and spry 61 year old. We met because she works as a crossing guard near my house and when I would leave to get my morning coffee we would greet each other and realized that the conversation flowed.

She is kind and expressive and draws people to her with an eboulient energy that is contagious. There is a depth to her that I find fascinating and i have since discovered that she has had difficult times in her life. Working part time in her current job as she slips into retirement suits her because she loves people and interacting with them. Louise doesn't know I am trans or at least she hasn't asked but if she were to, I would respond in the affirmative.

She lost a son to suicide in 2015 and that pain still sears as she mentions it with a glassy eyed sadness. All of 22 years old he suddenly took his own life and Louise learned of it when she received a call from police when she was out of the country with her now ex-husband. That marriage, already strained at the 25 year junction, did not survive the devastation that this loss brought to the couple.

Louise is certain she will see her son again and she tells me that she talks to him daily. I for one am certain that she will.


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