A blending

I don't go out of my way to tell people that I am trans but simply assume that they know. Being addressed in the correct pronouns is no sign because that could also mean people are being polite and responding to your presentation. That being said, when questions arise that reveal they assume I am a genetic female, I don't correct them because I don't need to.

I am not trying to pass as anything other than myself which has removed a lot of pressure off my shoulders over the years. True, I have developed a more than workable voice which has gotten me loads of mileage but that's just because I abhor double takes from vendors when the speaking doesn't match the presentation. In my opinion, it's one of the more important things to develop if blending in matters to you.

Not having been misgendered for decades now, were it to happen today it would be a bit jarring and yet it wouldn't sting nearly as much as when I was desperately trying to pass. I seem to have built a stronger internal foundation which is supporting me even if at times there is still questioning about where I am going. People who I have frequented for some time now and don't know all of my past won't be told unless it's pertinent or relevant that they do. After all, why should our friendship hang on what my birth sex was?


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