A calculated risk

Life is a calculated risk. If I am inside a burning building with the flames licking at my back I will jump from that third story window rather than burn to death. Some broken bones is the calculated result of my leap but at least I will still be alive. 

Anti-vaxxers hedge their bets on Facebook posts, right wing media and the idea that a healthy adult couldn't possibly die of COVID and yet the tens of millions dead worldwide would be a counterpoint to that argument. In addition, the idea we are our brother's keeper may not even occur to them.

I saw someone comment on YouTube recently that it took decades to develop the polio vaccine therefore how can we trust one developed so quickly. To this I would respond that it might be probable that epidemiology has advanced a tad in 90 years. But social media has leveled the playing field to the point where subject matter experts need not apply. The lunatic fringe demonized Anthony Fauci for simply telling an inconvenient truth and even today the slime ball governor of Florida Ron DeSantis adds fuel to the fire in downplaying vaccine efficacy while asking we not make villains of anti-vaxxers. Meanwhile people base their hesitancy on gossip which said that: "insert fringe idea here" and therefore they will take the vaccine shot over their dead body.

Careful what you wish for.


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