An oxymoron

The movement known as the "Christian Right" is of course an oxymoron as well as anathema to the message of charity and love contained in the Gospels but it has gained a massive foothold in the United States. Sects like prosperity evangelism which preach about Jesus endowing physical wealth upon you if you believe, are preposterous and yet they succeed because they pollute the Christian message with the capitalist laissez-faire philosophy so endearing to those who belong to the oligarchy. It's a marriage made in heaven if you don't believe in being your brother's keeper like true Christianity preaches.

Under this caustic religious model, secularism must be destroyed and the separation of church and state need not be a problem one need be concerned with. Simply sell the idea of the country as a "Christian" nation, judge others and tell them what to do. By equipping the Supreme Court with enough religious fascists, they will make sure to take care of the rest. While the top 1% enjoy the fruits of their wealth the bottom gets a mirage of moralizing that takes the focus off their financial woes with messaging from Republicans about family values and worshipping the flag. That this is a smoke screen steeped in hypocrisy doesn't matter because it's obviously working with the latest cultural distraction for these hypocrites being their losing war on trans people and their very right to exist.

I'm certain Jesus, who would be seen by many today on the Christian Right as a radical communist, would be very proud.


  1. There is seldom a daily or Sunday Mass that I don't hear, within the scripture for the day, something that appears to be skipped over by those you mention. I wonder how those that often claimed that Catholics were ignorant of the Bible can be so selective in what they choose to follow and choose to ignore. I won't fill your wonderful blog with an enumeration of their selections but I firmly believe that Jesus would have harsher words for us than he did of the Jewish elite.

    1. I stopped worrying about what the Bible says years ago and tried to concentrate on trying to do the right thing for others as well as myself. By stripping the message down to bare essentials we realize its about love of self and of neighbor and if you aren't doing that I am not sure your religion is helping you very much.

    2. I agree with you. Nothing that I learned through my religious upbringing is illogical and is, in fact, necessary for a society to operate smoothly. I bring up the bible since that is what these evangelicals supposedly base their conduct on while it is apparent that they seldom do.


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