Balancing act

I've been getting a lot of "Hey Joanna" lately from people I haven't seen for a while. As Montrealers emerge from their pandemic cocoons, we start to go back to our old routines albeit with more caution than before.

It's also been hot lately and making an escape to a local mall just for a coffee and some AC has helped break up my day and walk away from the laptop which I could easily be in front of the entire day. The photo of me below is from today.

Being allowed to finish my full time career at home is helping my psyche but being away from people too much is not good for us and so I seek the right balance between the quiet and the interaction we all crave to perfect.


  1. Form new social groups and interact. Volunteer at a museum or shelter on the weekend or one evening a week. They love the help and you get to meet new people. Here in the US we have "MeetUp" that covers many interest. Don't see a group to join, start one.

    1. Being an introvert I seem to be approaching just the right level of interaction and solitude and with my change of life approaching, I am looking forward to simply mixing things up with less routine 😀


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