Better in the light

If right wingers have meltdowns over LGBTQ people it is because greys being permitted to exist regarding gender identity and sexual orientation, open up more areas of subtlety in other subjects. Therefore, for people most comfortable with black and white concepts, something so fundamental being put into question, cannot be allowed to stand. That they are losing the culture war is obvious and hence the rhetoric and attacks have correspondingly been ramped up in vain attempts to put the cap back on the bottle. 

This is probably one the last great battlefronts of social conservatism and, if society is allowed to move towards outright tolerance and acceptance, it will have signified for them a complete rejection of their toxic belief system in the public arena.

We cannot defeat ignorance or malice in the world and, as both the pandemic and Trumpism have reminded me, there is no shortage of it. So rather than be constantly outraged by the situation I have resolved to doing my small part to make things better where I am.

History moves in cycles and when one situation improves another worsens but I do very much like the openness and the light that is being shone on difference and even if some people hate you for it, at least it is better to live in the light than in darkness.


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