Calming the furnace

We all have work to do on ourselves. For me it has been pent up frustration with a society that wouldn't let me be myself. Hence, as I aged I developed a feeling of intellectual superiority over those I wanted to punish for their obvious ignorance.

That frustration is still being worked on today and you will witness it in my posting when it comes to matters of human frailty particularly when they border on willfull malice.

The problem is that too much outrage ends up damaging mostly yourself because we cannot always be primed for a fight. The danger is that, as I become geriatric,  I will wind up spearing at metaphorical windmills in my own Quixotian fashion. I am therefore endeavoring to tone down the rhetoric to calm my internal furnace rather than stoking it.

We cannot change the world but we can impact it in our immediate sphere and that is what I will work on as I move forward.


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