Donald Trump is now a permanent boil on American democracy and his incitement of an insurrection is virtually guaranteed to be replicated since more people get their news from the comfort of their echo chambers. As discontent is fed via the bigger problem of oligarchy, the false claims of election fraud distract a weary nation.

When a country is so divided that even fighting a pandemic is politicized, you need to ask yourself how you got to this point and, even if one concedes that a big part is played by individualism versus collectivism, there are other issues at play. I trace a lot of problems back to the Reagan election and a conversion of the Republican party into even more of a messaging machine for antigovernmental sentiment and its entrenchment as a corporate entity. With the southern strategy having been undertaken years before, the party was now more of a coalition of conservative interests (both political and social) vying for the votes of the very people who would least benefit from its policies. It was the true beginning of the GOP as a corporatist party who primarily looked after the ruling class.

With the distraction of wedge issues, the party employed, the culminating effect led to the election for president of a man so utterly inept and so unfit for office that the entire world could hardly believe it and yet it made sense if one looked at the discontent sown among the everyman with the political class. As a result, one of the two parties is now a cult of personality.

With only two major parties and an atmosphere where moderate voices are increasingly silenced, the future does not bode well for anyone with good ideas and the courage to promote them.


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