Being trans is no picnic and as you saw in the video I posted yesterday on dysphoria and aging, it can be a daunting task deciding what to do about your situation. Whether you transition or not you are left with a series of challenges because life comes inherently equipped with them.

Either you cope with gender dysphoria in some fashion of your choosing or you transition fully and potentially face the pain of spousal loss, job loss or the pain of being rejected because you don't blend in well enough; and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Here I don't have advice because I have none to give and, no matter which path is chosen, will be fraught with some level of disappointment. 

Even those who long identified as "just crossdressers" but who turned out to be latent transsexuals discovered that once deep into career, marriage and children their time had passed and they resigned themselves to coping strategies which only marginally worked.

I think that the most important yet challenging part in all this is forging your own sense of uniqueness and originality because that will get you a long way and, if that means identifying as non-binary or gender fluid as a means to cope, then that is what you should do.


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