Culture war

The culture wars raging in the United States mask a deeper problem of corporate looting. So while media outlets talk about what divides the country along red and blue factions, more people slip into despair and poverty for lack of resources like health care and adequate paying jobs.

Since both the Democrats and Republicans are beholden to corporations, neither is going to allow a significant dismantling of a system which doesn't work and usher the beginning of a cure. Meanwhile, senators and members of congress are bought and their votes cast for benefactors who want value for the money they paid. In the end, when left to their own devices and with no moral policing, many people will do as much as they can get away with and with an open market capitalist system with few checks and balances  built in, things will not end well.

Both Hedges and Chomsky have predicted the coming sunset on the American empire with all signs pointimg that they are right, and as the population distracts itself with culture war divisions the thieves are looting the treasury and escaping by the back door.


  1. All any of us who are aware of these realities can do is nod and wish we could do more, sadly.

    1. It's quite frustrating to see and you wish people could rise up and demand better


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