The first great deception of my life has been learning to what degree so many human beings are susceptible to cultish movements. Perhaps unable to question elements within them which don't make sense, they swallow a mantra whole and are able to regurgitate it verbatim except I'm not sure they are entirely able to explain the why to themselves. Because, whether it's political ideologies, religious cults or philosophical movements we need to be able to find the fallacies which naturally seep into every human sourced system of thought.

We can forgive complete adherence to ideas when we are young because our development of critical thinking is still being forged, but once we are older a natural skepticism should be instilled which permits us to self-correct when something is ultimately proven to be erroneous and caustic to our being or even to society as a whole. This is what I teach my children and explain why I believe something rather than state flatly that I do. This way they can fashion their own critical minds and examine ideas from all angles.

The second great deception has been to observe to what degree people are willing to attack others with little empathy or understanding for what their lives are like. The temptation to raise themselves up at the expense of others repulses me no end and I cannot comprehend it; ergo my disdain for right wingers.


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