You may have noticed the already frayed nerves and general obnoxious societal behavior pre-pandemic have taken a noticeable turn for the worse. Tailgaters are that much more aggressive amidst the uncertainty of an era already teeming with entitlement syndrome. It all ties back to the idea that all opinions are equal which has segued into 'my rights are more important than yours'. This level of belligerence is something I didn't grow up with and at the risk of sounding old, I know we have lost something over the last decades with regards to public civility. The focus has moved even more from the rights of the collective to those of the individual; no example more obvious than the response to a pandemic that could have largely been mitigated by now.

You may notice that in this blog I have a particular disdain for willful ignorance: something to which I have been exposed all my life but which irks me more as I age. The right of individuals to be morons is fine as long as they do not invade my space with its consequences. In other words, your right to swing stops at my nose. My grown children, who have not yet developed the level of indignation I possess today, are spared the level of anger I sometimes indulge in. So they help me work on it when it threatens to boil each time I suffer examples of human idiocy.

So no, I do not suffer fools gladly but I'm working on it.


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