Good to go

Small wonder that the public is confused when we ourselves sometimes are. Gender variance which appears in both the straight and gay communities in the form of crossdressers and drag queens are both examples of low to dysphoria-free members of society which means both live their lives predominantly as males and are happy to do so. The dabbling in gender variance can be occasional or manifest itself as often as it suits them. Neither wishes or needs to transition.

Conversely, those with gender dysphoria slip further into the spectrum and must use varying techniques from partial or full time social transition to full medical transition to treat their condition which can be mild to positively crippling.

Historically there has been in-fighting within the trans umbrella which tries to group dysphoric and non-dysphoric people together but it need not exist. To me the most important thing is to let people live in peace and allow them to lead lives that suit them. There is no hierarchy of predominance only that the categories were first created to attempt to understand what was being observed by specialists willing help those seeking assistance.

Once you are happy with who you are after sometimes needing to take steps to rectify a few things, you're good to go.


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