This is the most prolonged period I have spent living as a female and it has been eye opening but not so much for the externals. Yes, I am regularly greeted as Madame but that effect wears off after a while and now it's about sifting through how that external experience transfers to how I feel on the inside.

It's true what they say that transition is a journey and not a destination because I am living it myself. Every few years I have attained a new plateau that I never thought possible and then adapted to it. Afterwards, a new one was reached with no definite target other than to be at peace.

Tomorrow I have a lunch with three wonderful ladies who I adore and have progressively come out to over the last few years which in itself is yet another milestone. I never anticipated telling anyone at work and what seemed like a terrifying impossibility suddenly became a source of joy. 

People who fought being trans as long as I did probably understand me very well and I have finally realized that transition can mean whatever I want it to. 


  1. Another great post - " Transition can mean whatever I want it to. " We are the author of our own story.


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