I am not proud to be trans, at least not any more so than any other factual information about myself. I do however understand the emotion when something so intrinsically part of you has been laced with feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment. The natural human reaction when one is finally liberated is to fly in the face of oppression with the defiance of pride.

People who aren't LGBTQ don't see it and I have had a friend tell me that they don't mind how people are so long as they don't rub our noses in it with parades. While appreciating what he meant, he could not relate to what many who have been disowned and thrown out of families for who they are could be feeling. Some people who identify as mildly trans even object to association with gays and lesbians probably because their lives have not been touched sufficiently with grief. But to me there is strength in numbers when we are dealing with the subject of suppression and discrimination of minorities.

I struggled and rejected my trans nature for decades and prayed it would go away. Grudgingly I came to accept it and now it forms part of the fabric of the entire package that defines me.

Perhaps in my own way I could call that pride.


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