Speaking of which....

Without me noticing, this quiet little blog has been slowly encroaching upon one million views which really surprised me. After beginning to write as cathartic exercise for existential angst over being trans at the same time as also experiencing a painful breakup, this blog slowly progressed over the years into a platform for expressing my thinking on a whole host of subjects; not just trans issues.

Not looking for any kind of mass appeal, I have been genuinely surprised at the reception it has received over the years for which I am very grateful to its readers. Writing it has allowed me to befriend other trans people and helped me progressively find a level of peace I had never known before and so its value for me personally is worth more than I had anticipated. 

After being away from it for 2 years, I also did not anticipate returning to it.

(as a side note I saw an email from a young graduate engineer in my company yesterday that had (he/him) next to his name indicating that he was part of the binary. Have I ever mentioned that I love the generation of my children?)


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