Your best version

Gauging your own value can be tricky. Imagine for a moment the person who is severely overweight and deems themselves less loveable because of it. They may even sabotage their own chances by thinking that someone who does care for them must have ulterior motives.

Trans people are notorious for this (particularly older ones) and many settle for droplets of water in the desert (to use an analogy) to gain and keep love. This is unfortunate but all too common. Working against the tide of society which includes the pervasive programming endured by their own partners, they settled into a less than comfortable reality so they could keep and maintain companionship. The partner can even use this knowledge as a weapon knowing the trans person is unlikely to leave because they themselves have at least shown tepid acceptance. I don't criticize trans people for this because I have lived that reality myself.

The lack of self-acceptance already well engrained in them, the trans person surmised this was the best scenario they were going to achieve. However, everything starts with self-love and the best version of yourself is all about being your true to who you are; whatever form that takes.

I am hardly suggesting this is easy because even if self-realization is attained, that doesn't mean everyone will appreciate you. Only that living in your own skin will be that much more comfortable.


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