A forgone conclusion

The reason that overly dogmatic religious orthodoxy perturbs me is that it can cloud critical thinking. If you are already in possession of a foregone conclusion then you will simply look for evidence which fulfills it. However, this problem can apply to any practice where ideology drives you to hunt for the like minded rather than staying open to receiving more evidence.

As someone who needed to shake the shackles of a religion which rejected my identity, I needed to look behind the curtain to see where the problem lay and it was as usual based in human frailty and prejudice rather than in any cosmically ordained edict.

Much of the world operates this way with a conclusion in search of the necessary evidence, and it is really such a shame.

AGP theory, which I mentioned again here recently, was based on the same faulty procedure and it crumbled specifically because of it. It was yet another idea where the cart was put before the horse.


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