Balance point

As a gender dysphoric, I have often reflected on why people who are mostly comfortable identifying as their birth sex develop the need to crossdress.

If we accept that all people possess both masculine and feminine traits we also know that the vast majority do not feel a need for regular cross gender expression. If most people are happy with the proportion of male and female qualities and how they incorporate them into their lives, it may be possible that those who feel a stronger connection than average to express their other side must do so through this type of expression. Those who read my blog know that I am a big proponent of the gender identity spectrum and it may be that at least some of these crossdressers represent stunted forms of transsexualism but with their expression they are able to get just the right dose to keep themselves balanced and healthy.

Contrasting this against the complete psycho-sexual inversion of Benjamin type 6 transsexuals and we can see how dysphoria can grow to extreme proportions and requires treatment. Examples here would be people like April Ashley, Christine Jorgensen, Geena Rocero and Janet Mock.

People like me who are much closer to the transsexual side of the spectrum are often much challenged as we are hard pressed to find a solution which works for us. Neither the life of a crossdresser nor a complete medical transition will do but somewhere in between is often what we must find as a balance point.


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