The idea that Jesus saves you from being trans is perturbing but not surprising since it plays well to the religious right. Admitting that you were a sinner and are now healed also worked for a time when we thought we could pray away homosexuality.

Heteronormative folks who only see the world in black and white live for these stories and they will cling to the 2% of trans people with transition regret as representing the whole not because it makes any rational sense but because it fits a predetermined narrative which suits them.

It does make me chuckle but not when it affects those kids whose mentally disturbed parents force them into acts of self harm. Many of us who are older sat there in silence and didn't divulge anything but some of these kids come out early only to be met with fanatical fervor which harms more than if they had stayed quiet and acted after leaving the nest. Many people are blinded by their ignorance and in their own twisted belief that they are helping, will make sure their child is in therapy for years to come.

Growing up very religious only prolonged my plight but when older I had an epiphany and broke out. I only hope that others are given the chance to do the same.


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