With the conversion of Dixie Democrars to Republicanism, the amalgamation of the south had begun in earnest. The guys in the white sheets were now affiliated to the GOP driving the stakes for the creation of a tent where fringe people and their ideas could congregate. The Frankenstein monster was well on its way to be electrified into life.

Decades later, Trumpism wasn't the beginning of the already existing problems but it did shine a spotlight on the underbelly of a nation that was far from resolving its problems with racism and class warfare. Now the people who most need influx of capital in the form of infrastructure and the jobs are most likely to vote for the party hell bent on not helping them. It's a marriage made of strange bedfellows.

YouTube regularly features interviews with people who derived their political ideology from a combination of FOX News and their uncle Harry's Facebook postings and it would be tempting to chuckle if it weren't so dire. As the US flirts with theocracy and fascism it shows to what extent ignorance doesn't discriminate on the basis of geographical borders.

As the country's political structures begin to decay you can smell a tipping point coming and it won't be pretty.


  1. Smelly indeed. I should feel sorry for Americans but to slightly misquote (very much out of context) from a Mary Poppins song: "... though we adore them, individually, we agree that as a group they are rather stupid."

    1. It makes me angry when I see people being taken advantage of. We could cure so much of the world's ills through education


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