It made all the difference

It is more than a little conceivable that something highly desired yet unattainable before puberty could take on sexual overtones upon entering it. Since most trans people are aware very early that there is something going on with their gender identity, that longing can be carried along into the creation of the sexual being.

Some older trans people, and in particular those who were not self-accepting, would have easily fallen prey to the idea that they suffered from a perversion rather than a biologically engrained reality. In this type of scenario you could see how some could have bought into AGP theory. In fact, quite a number of years ago I was contemplating it's validity and I remember contacting Anne Lawrence to discuss its merits.

What has happened since I came to fully embrace my identity, is that a trust was built upon my earliest feelings and instincts. Rather than rely on conjecture, I relied on my internal compass to guide me.

It made all the difference.


  1. I am so glad to see you blogging again! And yes, it is weird that people would normally not use the sexuality of cis people to invalidate their gender identity, but do not hesitate to do so with trans people. I would argue that the sexuality of cis people is as weird as the one of trans people, and that is - for the most part - a good thing.

    1. And of course you are correct but such was the self-flagilating nature of trans people and the quickness to judge of detractors


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