The malaise breeding inside the US landscape is clear and there has been far too much damage done for either side to let up in their indignation. As some family members die while not being able to get ICU beds, it becomes one more point of outrage of progressives and leftists against those right-wing voters who still cling to the caustic promises of Trumpism.

One hopes that there will not be a new civil war and yet it is hard to argue against the point that it is already here. Belonging to either party is no longer just a political statement but more of a testament on your entire belief system. It is akin to asking the question: Are you a coastal elite or a heartland patriot who believes in freedom?

Watching from a distance I admit that we have our own if slightly less jagged problem here in Canada and as more polarization sets in you can see how the powers who control the purse strings can take advantage of the culture wars. The educated despair at the ignorance while the uneducated rail against the arrogance and the machinations that got them where they are now: a population of people increasingly pressed into corner better defined as an economic dead end.


  1. Joanna, unfortunately Putin is undeniably stoking these divisions -- he can't beat the West, so he seems satisfied if he simply destroys it. So many Internet bots spreading misinformation!


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