Life is at once joyous and hopelessly drastic and I remember trying to make sense of it in my youth. Why were some children stricken with cancers and other horrible human beings spared their lessons.

Not all is as it seems of course and people's internals are not privvy to inspection such that what can seem idilic at a distance can be fraught with great pain and turmoil.

Organized religions tell us of the reward after our lives here are done and that our suffering is penance and preparation for what is to come. The veracity of that dogma remains to be seen but my instincts have always told me there is more than meets the eye in our universe.

Whatever the great equalizer is remains to be seen and we may one day peak behind the curtain and understand so we may give our existence, and the suffering we encounter, some meaning. Such that it may not be "full of sound of fury but signifying nothing".


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