The squirrels I encounter on my morning walks are sentient beings who probably aren't aware of what they don't know. They operate on basic instinct much like we do except that we have an expanded palette to play with which can encourage myopia.

The problem with the human animal is that it often doesn't ponder on what it doesn't know. Living in our limited shells and Lording over the world it can be tempting to think we have things figured out when we really don't. We can let hubris guide our approach to issues that more require the deft and delicate touch of humility.

Some of the biggest intellects in our history were deeply aware of the shortcomings in their knowledge and yet some of the people most devoid of mental prowess strangely seem the most boastful at times. At this point I could go on a tirade on right wingers but I shall refrain from doing so as it would make this posting far too long.


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