To the bone

My own lifetime has seen a movement from an almost monolithic world view based on imposed social norms to one of shifting spectrum built on individual identities. This has of course created a backlash among absolutist thinkers who desire a return to a predictable which we clearly will no longer be going back to.

This paradigm shift has emboldened a more rabid version of the right wing but that is the price to be paid for an emergence of the shadows of people who simply want to be free to express themselves as they like. But this is too radical for those who have clung to dogma which facilitated adherence of the general population to simpler political and social models.

Once you allow people more freedom you also find it harder to control them. Small wonder then that the elite factions which pull the strings are less than enthused. One such power used to be the major organized religions but they have lost much of their flock to spiritual movements which are themselves also highly individualistic. For centuries the Catholic church allied itself to monarchs who would in turn demand obedience.

As the world becomes less predictable so does the ability to control free thought and that scares many in the corridors of power to the bone.


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