What is left to do

Many of us who grew up being sold the idea that we were fundamentally flawed struggled. We had no one to disclose our secret to and we might have thought we were the only ones who suffered from a problem that was preventing us from being like everyone else.

That history leaves traces of damage and no matter how hard we try to erase it it's not going to be the same as for those kids who today are spared the indoctrination. Rewriting your narrative is not going to be perfect and you need to make peace with your past if you are to embrace the future.

This is work which I have left to do and I am giving myself plenty of time to do it. One fundamental aspect I believe is pivotal is to leave self judgement behind. For we cannot move forward if we still hear the voices from our past telling us that we aren't measuring up.

We are always works in progress which will continue until our time here is up.


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