I would like to think, perhaps rather self-indulgently, that this blog will outlive me; that someone in the late 21st century will read about the experiences of a trans person born a decade after the mid-twentieth century mark and view my life as an anachronistic portrait of how things used to be before we became enlightened.

Being different in any way has never been easy but we seem to be at a point in our history where not much is hidden or at least not as shrouded in the hypocrisy it once was. That transparency has at least forced a discussion on topics many would still like kept out of sight.

History does indeed repeat itself because human beings possess much the same traits they always have, however the access to open dialog has changed the way we thought the world functioned. The taboos and the rules have been turned on their ear which can only be seen as a good thing.

Incidentally and on a far lighter note, another twenty-something young woman today asked where I bought my block heel pumps because she told me they looked good on me and because she wanted her own comfy pair for work :)


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