As much as you can muster

Having brought my children along slowly on my trans journey has paid huge dividends because both accept me fully as I am without reservation. Even my younger 21 year old son who has not yet been exposed to Joanna in person has seen photos and he has been fully educated on trans issues for several years now. Yesterday we were talking over coffee and he gives me his full blessing regarding any form of transition I may choose to undertake.

My baseline continues to be a social transition which at this point is hardly a stretch since I am ostensibly already there. The only question remaining is whether I ramp that up to 100% or remain where I currently am. Only time will tell.

Our families transition along with us and by not forcing them into quick adaptations we are respecting their timeline for accepting us the way we would like them to. Here I am not suggesting yours be as long as mine was only that you takes things as slowly and methodically as you can muster to give yourself and them the flexibility to adjust.


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