You may have noticed the frenetic and more aggressive driving or the demonstrations of indignation at grocery stores or even restaurants. There is little question that people are under more stress than ever and, fuelled further by the pandemic, many are itching for a fight.

The speed at which we live which is evidenced by increasing social media frenzy is showing us a world that is having trouble orienting itself. Previous political systems and societal structures are struggling to keep a lid on the restlessness and the discontent and it appears we are heading for dramatic change in the future.

This will not occur without the bumps in the road we are currently experiencing and those who hold the reins of power won't relinquish them easily. They will need to be shamed and forced into doing it especially since the status quo works very well for them.

For social justice doesn't come naturally and it must be fought for.


  1. This year I have largely withdrawn from social media, far too much of it is far to toxic. I wonder if in years to come this current period of dependence upon it will be viewed as some form of mass aberration?

    1. I am hoping that society may yet come to its senses although I am not holding my breath...


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