I am not at all a Caitlyn Jenner fan but I recently happened to watch a special on Netflix chronicling her 1976 Olympics performance. What struck me is how she talked of Bruce as a character she had created to be able to deal with her dysphoria. If she tried hard enough to prove herself in the male world, then maybe she wasn't really trans.

To varying degrees we have all done this and in trying to fit in we invent a character that people will like and find acceptable. This personage may be close to who we are but omits the part we are afraid to share with the world.

Fatigue eventually draws the real us out which is what some confuse with bravery. Today I tell people that I am not brave only I couldn't bear the idea that I would keep myself hidden for the rest of my days behind a facade. I had somehow convinced myself that this character was all there was but eventually you realize that it is too energy consuming to keep it up and authenticity wins out.


  1. Forgive the swift and vacuous comment in reply, but what you have said here resonates. That's it. It speaks to me.


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