Civil discourse

A colleague of mine aged 62 has drawn a line in the sand regarding announcing his vaccination status to the company and appears ready to lose his employment over it. The existence of  Quebec vaccination passports also have him thinking that they are here to stay as he clearly stated to me the other day. I disagreed.

I know he is not vaccinated and is currently working from his farm so he is not affecting anyone and perhaps the company would do well to let him finish his career from there.

I understand both sides but have decided that in this instance the public good overrides personal freedoms and have sparred with him over this. Even as he wears a mask and respects the rules he bemoans the fact he must present a passport to sit inside a restaurant or Café and I tell him this is one of the prices to be paid for the collective good of keeping the imnuno-compromised alive. I tell him not everything can be reduced to personal choice just as respecting speed limits, not drinking and driving and stopping for red lights are.

At least he sees my side as well which shows how two people can be friends and disagree. We don't need to vilify each other and can remain respectful which is the way it should always be.

It is not like this everywhere and enemies are being made within families as other political stances are rolled into this issue. The left sees collectivism as predominant while the right focuses on personal freedom (except when it comes to barging in on reproductive rights it seems although not everyone is like this).


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