Cogito, ergo sum

'Cogito, ergo sum" (I think therefore I am) is credited to mathematician and natural philosopher Rene Descartes. I have always liked that phrase because it alludes to the idea that we can reflect on our own nature and origins even if we do not completely understand them.

What it means to exist, to be born and to die seems to have been the topics that have most fascinated human beings since we have inhabited this planet. Here I think of Samuel Beckett and his existential "Waiting for Godot" which speculates on our restlessness and our temptation to sometimes ponder if our lives are random and devoid of meaning.

I don't pretend to have all the answers but also know I am limited in my ability to be privy to them and may have to accept that.

Religion seems to provide for some an iron clad recipe and yet if one ponders beyond the surface there is so much which begs asking.


  1. Cogito ergo cogito sum.

    There is power in believing enough in yourself that one can accept one's existence as a fundamental of reality. That you live that power is, in itself, powerful and inspirational.

    I wish I had more. That's all I've got even after mulling on this as long as I have.


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