Many of us have known since very young that something was up with our gender. We identified with the other side and I for example was in my mother's shoes by age 4. Many transsexuals would speak about having a condition and perhaps it was understandable in wanting to make a distinction between cross gender expression and the psycho-sexual reversal they were experiencing. The reason I tend not to favor terms like gender identity disorder (GID) which was preferred terminology before being replaced by gender dysphoria is that it implies illness rather than a way of being which happens (and always has) to a small segment of the population.

One thing is for certain, the percentage of people who play with gender is considerably larger than those who must deal with what can sometimes be debilitating dysphoria. Harry Benjamin called his most extreme cases of this his types 5 and 6.

Nevertheless, my view is that rather than focus on models based on dysfunction or anomalies, we should be preferring to view the spectrum of humanity as more similar than different no matter what the packaging.


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