Joannie is 28 but looks younger and she sees me walking into her Sephora

"Hey girl how are you?" she says with a muffled voice breaking through her mask. She tells me she remembers me from last time.

I tell her I am well and that she looks great. But of course she does at her age when everything is in its rightful place. We chat for a few minutes and she asks me for my secret after she finds out how old I am.

"Cream, cream and more cream with perhaps a little help from genetics" I answer and she laughs.

We banter some more and I note her youthful exuberance. She has a boyfriend she is tired of and I give her my take about two people who don't need each other complementing already happy lives. She thanks me for the advice and wishes me well as she politely leaves me for another customer.

"Bye Joanna!" and her eyes bead upwards as the only sign she has formed a friendly grin I cannot see.

I leave the store having bought nothing but simply having had a very nice encounter with another human being.


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