The National Review headline reads: "is it emotional abuse for parents to deny a transgender child's claims?" which hardly surprises. The publication formerly run by William F Buckley is one of many purporting to claim that "transgenderism" is social fad which needs curtailing. The articles written show striking bias and whatever "science" is referred to in defense of their argument is provided by a friendly hack who shares their point of view.

No parent wants suffering for their child and make no mistake these trans kids even in our better environment face an uncertain future full of challenges made even more marked by their identity. Hence when parents finally succumb to the realization that their child is not faking, they approach the medical community in exasperation and a plea for assistance.

Conservatism is by its very nature resistive to change and every societal progress viewed from the vantage point of challenge to the status quo. The realization that even ancient cultures accepted and acknowledged trans people does not compute in their limited view of what represents normalcy. European Judeo-Christian models steeped in the puritanical is what has worked for the West and no need to change what works so it's too bad for those unfortunate souls for whom it does not work.

Pure drivel.


  1. There is some irony that the same society that shamelessly pushes drugs for every possible purpose would deny hormone blockers. Oh, silly me! This is also the same society that insists that every pregnancy must achieve full term, then abandons mother and child to poverty. Tis a strange world we live in Joanna.


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