For a long time I was afraid to be trans and it is this fear which drove my self-rejection.  Living with this dread was making me anxious and depressed. Someone recently wrote me a heart felt note bemoaning their own fear which made me recall just how scared I was to be different.

Since coming, out my life has never been better but not because being trans is easy; it's not. I just think that living in fear of being rejected or fear what other people might think or say is even scarier.

It's never too late to do something about your fear and what I realized was that my worst case scenarios never really materialized. Sure, my marriage dissolved but it had bigger issues and the trans question was used as the primary excuse when it really wasn't. My ex-spouse has admitted that.

Fear is our worst enemy and it's never too late to take a dip into the daylight and taste authenticity.


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