Learning curve

There are two aspects to gender: the natural instinct and the socialized learned behaviour. As trans people we have the first but are often deprived of the second such that once we contemplate transition we must quickly catch up. This is especially true for later in life transitioners. It is like muscles you have but which have never been called into action.

Doing things as painfully slowly as I have gave me time but I know of many trans people who went through a very steep learning curve in middle age or older. It could potentially overwhelm you not to mention the turmoil that their families might be undergoing.

This is one of the most extreme changes anyone could go through and in no small part because society puts such a heavy emphasis on gender norms. While that may be slowly changing we are still very far away from the egalitarian world it should be. Therefore, if you have the fortitude this era is as good as any even as this process is not for the faint of heart.

Children get a long period of socialization and by the time they reach adolescence they know all the motions. Now imagine doing that in a few short years. Not even remotely easy.


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