If you still believe in pure romantic love I commend you because I do think it is theoretically possible. Unfortunately, my own belief has been tarnished by my reflections on humanity and how codependency works.

When we are younger we function on a combination of pheromones and idealism because we do not yet comprehend others or even ourselves and by the time we are enlightened our lives are saddled with responsibility.

I believe that many if not most human beings look for companionship based on the theory of missing pieces where psychological holes need to be filled. The cure for the absent father or distant mother is subconsciously part of the search even if not acknowledged and we look for models we recognize growing up no matter how flawed.

However, every once a while there is pairimg which truly works and defies the odds. There is complicity and alignment based on mutual respect and independence of spirit that can withstand the strife which life inevitably brings us. The imperfections somehow become less important than the benefits that their union brings them.

It's a complex affair which sometimes necessitates a bit of good fortune n'est ce pas?


  1. We're now in our 50th year of marriage, and although my being trans is not an imperfection, that little hiccup is still rendered less significant by the strong bond that was established long before I came out. Any loss of romance has been replaced by a newfound honesty and trust. Yes, I am very fortunate.

    1. Very fortunate indeed Connie that is wonderful :)


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