On our own

How we see ourselves outweighs how the world does because they are not privy to your inner thoughts or how you function. Unfortunately as human beings we take our cues from the messaging we receive as children as we are slotted into our respective roles. Our families will put certain expectations on us and then society will judge us based on how we dress, speak or gesture not to mention our tastes.

Removing that cloak is very difficult because much of that messaging is now an integral part of how we view ourselves  and if are told something often enough we are apt to believe it. Liberation from that history can often take great effort.

I have written here often about self definition being the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourself. Human beings are often afraid to stand out and will congregate into like minded groupings for moral support but the true payoff comes when you can detach yourself from that need, find your identity from within and treasure its value.

Many of us are saddled with negative self images based on things we were told in childhood and therapists are often the beneficiaries of our need to exorcise our demons. But I insist that much of that work can be done by us alone in the quiet reflective hours.

As I got older I realized that I wasn't alone on my struggles and that the world was replete with problems. In that simple knowledge I gained the confidence to begin my own journey towards defining myself outside of the confines of societal boxes which had been prepared for me in advance.


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