You are one of almost 8 billion people in the world and when viewed from that perspective, your problems are not all that relevant in the grand scheme of things. While this may sound at first to be heartless and dismissive, I actually mean it to a positive reinforcement towards reducing our fear.

What looked like insurmountable personal problems in my life turned out to be resolvable. What will people think if I'm trans? How will they react if I come out? What will happen if I live mostly full time? All challenging questions which were made more difficult through overblowing them in my mind. I just needed to move slowly forward and take things one step at a time. Something which I saw as cataclysmic became much more manageable than imagined and my life has improved as a result of taking concrete steps to help myself even if that meant testing my tolerance for fear.

So maybe think of yourself as an ant in a massive colony and keep those problems in perspective.


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