The young woman sits next to me but with her mask on I do not recognize her at first.

“It's Joanne or Joanna?” she says to me, and I look into her eyes trying to place who she is. Her having only started to work at the café recently and seeing her as a customer that morning only adding to my confusion.

“You’re Tara, right?” I finally said

“Its Sarah” she responds and with that we began a friendly conversation as she waited for her bagel order. At 25 years of age, she is unassuming and relaxed and has a soothing quality to her voice that invites candor. Like many people her age she has not yet had the chance to be spoiled and corrupted by the world.

She tells me she was born south of Montreal and is now waiting to enter an information technology program. She has just moved in with her boyfriend and this job at the café is the right thing for her at this moment. I tell her a bit about myself as well and how I spent my formative years in NDG and ended up in the suburbs where my children were born.

I am repeatedly struck by this generation’s looseness and as we bid each other a good day I am left with the positive vibe that she has bestowed upon me.


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