Before he became a grumpy old man harping about woke culture, I didn't mind and even liked Bill Maher. Now however he is that man telling the kids to stay off his driveway while complaining how the world is going to hell. He has become disgruntled and whiny.

It seems that most of the social commentary these days is divisive and meant to vilify those who are spoiling it for the rest of us. Instead of trying to unify people with our common human concerns we are spending time pounding on those we cannot relate to and quite often it involves punching down. There are whole YouTube channels dedicated to criticism and they get plenty of views from people with undeveloped or wholly absent critical thinking skills.

As the US becomes the largest experimental laboratory for the adverse effects of social media,  we wonder if there will ever be a better version of society. Sure, in the past things were hypocritical and hidden which was worse, and yet we now know far too much and can't leave others alone. We feel compelled and emboldened to weigh in on the lives of others when we have no business doing so.


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